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100% - 30 day money back | Keep the Grooves if you are not happy with the sticks.

About Us

Founded in 2015, we strive to be the best in grip technology.

Hi, I’m Carlo.
I founded Cooper Groove.

Meet the Founder

Carlo Cooper, father of three kids, drummer and founder of Cooper Groove. Carlo, born in Oak Park, IL right outside of Chicago, came up with the Groove design many years ago. One day he was practicing his drums and was tired of his hands slipping. He was sanding and taping his sticks and refused to wear gloves and mute the feel of the sticks so he began making cross cuts in the handles. Those evolved into Grooves and that’s where the magic started happening. Cooper Groove Performance Drumsticks were launched on a Facebook drummer’s page in the fall of 2015. The post included a picture of the first pair of Cooper Grooves and stated “Increase grip, keep hands dry and stimulate pressure points.” Turns out, after drummers began to buy and use them they also decrease or eliminate fatigue, shock, slips, cramps, numbness, tingling and even pain. “When I found out that drummers could play without pain and all the other issues that can come along with drumming I knew I was on to something.” Cooper Groove Performance Drumsticks are game changers. Since launching they have been featured in DRUM! Magazine, Modern Drummer, Upbeat, Downbeat and Drums & Percussion Magazine. The sticks have won several awards, are five star drummer rated and even come with a money back “keep the Grooves” guarantee. “If you don’t love them, you can get your money back and keep them.” Currently Carlo is developing the Grooves for other things such as baseball bats, golf grips and more. He has dedicated the past seven years of his life focusing on the connection that we have with the objects that we hold. “The world is a better place when people can do what they love.”

Cooper Groove Benefits

The crosscut comfortable patented Grooves as opposed to a smooth, dull and flat

Increase Grip
Decrease shock
Relax your hands, less squeezing means decreased fatigue
Stimulate pressure points
Keep your hands dry (air can flow in between your hands and the stick)
Decrease/Eliminate numbness, cramps, tingling