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100% - 30 day money back | Keep the Grooves if you are not happy with the sticks.

Drumsticks | Baseball Bats | Golf Grips 


Game and Life Changing Grips

                    Our patented grip design significantly increase grip, decrease fatigue and even eliminate pain.

Play Healthier, Play Better!



My hands don’t cramp up, neither do my wrists. I won’t go back to regular drumsticksCooper Grooves are the best and nothing can compareI’ve got a long list of hand and wrist related issues, and I can’t begin to tell you the number of benefits I’ve found with Cooper Groove!

“My hands don’t slip even the slightest with these compared to regular golf grips.


Hitting fastballs with no gloves and no sting! Amazing, I can attack the ball and not have to worry about getting injured. Also love the Groove Grip bat handle better than pine tar. Gives me more control and doesn’t make a mess.


Rooted in Community 

Cooper Groove Grips got its start as a drumstick and continues to develop game chancing grips for baseball, golf and soon a lot more.  We’ve always known we had a great product, but to see how many people have found success with our grips is a dream come true. We want to thank everyone who has made Cooper Groove Grips a reality, especially our loyal fans, the Cooper Groovers. Because of you, we’re able to offer our products in a variety of ways.

Cooper Groove Guarantee

All Cooper Groove products are 100% Money back guaranteed. Please email us for any questions, comments, etc.

Increase Grip
Decrease shock
Relax your hands, less squeezing means decreased fatigue
Stimulate pressure points
Keep your hands dry (air can flow in between your hands and the stick)
Decrease/Eliminate numbness, cramps, tingling